Thursday, April 23, 2009

As a formerly self-published author, I can't help but keep my eyes and ears open for great, new tools for the guerrilla marketing writer. Here's a new and exciting website being launched soon to help self-published authors gain better visibility. aims to give self-published/POD (aka Indie) books an interactive and buzz-worthy platform, a place where they're not treated like second-class citizens because they're self-published. Authors at IndieReader will get increased visibility (the site's founder has 20+ years in PR), a sales venue, and a website page with their own URL.

"Just as Sundance has done for Indie films,'s mission is to promote and legitimize independent books and authors," says founder Amy Holman Edelman.

The site is slated to go live on June 1st.

So, if you're a self-published author, get on Facebook and GoodReads, check out, and see if can help readers find your book.

Further info and a look at the Home and Author pages can be found at


DiAnn Schutt said...

Lisa Genova,

Thank you for writing the
book 'Still Alice'.
I picked it up at the hospital gift shop to read at my husbands bed side while recovering from surgery.

My Mother has been on the
long journey of Alzheimer's
for at least 13 years. She
is now 90 years old; knows
nothing but still walks until she is exhausted daily.

As I grasp each page I used
many of the kleenex's to
wipe the tears so I could
continue reading.

Thank you for having Alice
as an accomplished Woman.
Many people think that if you excersise your brain,
your body and eat healthy
you will not have to deal
with this desease. "WRONG!"

I wished I could share with
you more for I have 13 years of observance to share.

Thanks Again Lisa Genova.

DiAnn Schutt

Monica Devine said...

Is Still Alice now being sold as an e-book as well?